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Use internal pages to tell me about specific services you offer. When you're telling me, focus on me, not you - I'm interested in what I can get, not who you are. These pages should be used to describe most of your business and so make up most of your site.

 •  Describe the breadth of your business in bullets  

 •  Explain to me the core details of your services

 •  Give me links to related service pages of your site

What else is important to me?

Summarise the core message of this page – remind me why I want what you’re offering and why I should get it from you. Give me options to navigate further into your site by placing links to service pages related to this page.

Describe images with captions

Reassure me with what I’ll get from you,

and tell me how to get in touch.

0800 500 600

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Tempt me into your site

Make me want to buy from you

Give me context for your image